Working Vacation? Know Your Holiday Accommodations

14 December 2015
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The Internet has changed business forever, and if your career allows it, you could use the Internet to bring your business on the go. Freelancers, contractors and Internet-based workers of all types have the freedom to work in any location they want, but having a place to stay remains an important barricade. As you plan your work away from home, consider a few long-term and holiday plans that could make your next trip more relaxing and more productive.

Know The Productivity Utilities And Utility Quality

If you have a telecommute-friendly (work from home) job, but are not technology-savvy, you'll need to know everything that contributes to staying connected. Your Internet connectivity is a privilege if you're not the owner, and even if you're in charge of your own business, Internet failure means money loss. Furthermore, a call to technical support and even a few discounts may not recoup the lost productivity.

All Internet connection types--including wireless Internet--have different operating circumstances in different parts of the country. You may be in a swampy area that has corroded wiring or in a congested city that has constant signal interference for mobile data. You need to know the situation before signing a lease or putting down any money.

You can't simply take the word of a leasing agent or the Internet Service Provider (ISP). Before you move in, the Internet connectivity needs to be tested for both speed and consistence--but keep in mind that speed is the more common test while connectivity goes ignored unless results are demanded specifically.

ping test is more accurate for such testing, and many consistency tests can be found at sites such as DSL Reports. If the Internet is slow or unstable, make sure it gets fixed before you move in or try to arrange for a mutual agreement that gives you some perks in exchange for the lower quality.

Your electrical connections need to be stable as well. Check every outlet for not only tightness and the ability to keep a plug in place, but for any power loss by observing a laptop or mobile device for about an hour.

Are Productivity Breaks In The Area?

On a working holiday, you should do more than go to nice beaches, then return to your temporary home for a bit of work. Look around the area for a few cafes that have Internet access and a small enough visitor size to stay on task. Larger venues are acceptable if you are able to get a private booth. Make sure that the venue is a decent walking distance from your temporary home in order to encourage movement without cutting productivity on travel time.

Luxury villas can be just as entertaining, especially if there are local restaurants and cafes that cater to the villa area. Be sure to ask about any parties, weddings or large groups that could be having a gathering in your area to either figure out ways to avoid distraction or to find a different home to live in.

Contact a luxury accommodations professional to find the perfect working quarters with a holiday charm.