How To Buy A Caravan More Affordably

30 April 2019
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Traveling in a caravan is a very exciting and affordable way to see the country. You can pay just a few dollars to stay overnight in caravan parks rather than having to pay for hotel rooms. And you can change your schedule easily as you go, since you don't have to book trains or accommodations in advance. To make caravan travel truly affordable, however, you will need to find an affordable caravan to purchase. Here are some tips to help you find a caravan for sale more affordably.

1. Look for older caravans with low miles.

Many people buy caravans thinking they will travel the country for months at a time, but then they barely end up using their vehicles. As such, there are a lot of caravans on the market that are 10 or more years old, but that only have a few thousand miles on them. Some buyers will automatically steer away from these caravans because they see the age and don't look any closer. As such, you can usually find these older caravans very affordably since the sellers are struggling to find a buyer. Age is just a number in this case; if the caravan has low mileage, it's a good buy.

2. Be open to doing some interior work.

Working on a caravan engine is requires a lot of expertise and is usually best left to a mechanic. So while you can find caravans that need engine work quite cheaply, you will likely spend a lot of money paying someone else to fix one up. Where you can afford to save, however, is in the interior. If the interior is looking a bit worn, you can often get the caravan for a steal. And remodeling the interior yourself, which may just involve painting and putting down some new rugs, is a job you can tackle yourself without spending much.

3. Go smaller.

The smaller the caravan, the less you will pay for it. Many people buy larger caravans thinking that it's nice to have extra room for friends to tag along, but if you're on a tight budget, perhaps you should reconsider this priority. You can save a bundle by buying a smaller caravan. If friends do occasionally want to tag along, you might feel a bit squeezed in, but you can make it work.

To travel affordably in a caravan, you need to buy an affordable caravan! If you can find a smaller one, and older one with lower mileage, or one that needs interior work, you can save a lot.